Saturday, April 29, 2006

The NEW Black is Mr. Black !

Saturday 10:56 PM

Well we're just about settled in to our new home at what several publications in NYC are calling "The Hottest New Club In NYC".. Mr. Black. It's a great basement location on Broadway and Bleecker Street, downtown Manhattan.

Check out the website and photos here:

I'm doing sundays [The Bad Boy Club] and it's a pure dream to finally have 10,000 watts of power under my fingertips to dj with ! The sound system fuckin rox ! We're doing every Sunday from 11pm until 5-6 am. We have a cabaret license, so we can stay open past 4am.

I'm still doing the infamous Sperm Parties, but they are now reserved for special events, 3-day weekends and holidays. The Bad Boy Club is kind of like the the "next generation" after the Sperm Parties. It still has my custom digital lighting and my favorite lasers, but we've left out the decor for a really great sound system and dance floor.

Still the same insanity and madness, but this time in a beautiful venue ! Drink prices are reasonable too, as well as a cute crowd. Stop in, say "hi" and get trashed and stay late ... I PROMISE to dj my ass off and keep you out WAY past your bedtime.