Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winter 2006

3:55 PM


It's been months since I "blogged"... Things are changin and that's good ! The weekly insane SPERM parties are now "at large", which means the party is now free to travel, re-locate and appear worldwide (email me if you want booking info). That means bigger and better ! If you follow my DJ-ing and Parties, follow the link for the eList and sign up. It's no spam, and will get you reduced admissions and private locations !

Being free from the weekly party grind (7 years) may now give me time to get back to dabbling with some music. We'll see.. I'm thinking of putting up a "demo" area with stuff that is unreleased or unfinished. I also have some rare footage of a show I did in Boston @ Club Spit (1984). I'm getting the hang of Fincal Cut Pro, so hopefully that will get done as well.

People always ask me about DJ Bookings. If you're seriously interested, just drop me a note via email, and let me know some details and a contact number. As soon as I get the email, I usually respond. (I don't bite).

Hope all is well, the lawsuit for my royalties and publishing is still continuing, and will probably take a few years. I'll keep ya posted !

-Man Parrish


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