Saturday, July 16, 2005


10:40 AM

I've been away from the blog because so much shit is going on right now ! I'm just nuts with work ! I'll do a detailed blog as soon as stuff quiets down. In a nutshell... My Sunday Party has left the infamous CockBar in NYC and then moved to Club Opaline down the block. Opaline lost it's lease 3 weeks later and now we're at the Boys Room on Ave A & 1st Street. URGH !! Moving again sux, BUT The Boys Room Bar is WAY more suited for our party anyway (2 floors) I'll blog all the dishy details of the move later on.

Other than that...hmmm let's see. The Klaus Nomi DVD had some great promotional parties and events I had to attend. The Klaus re-mix I did is charting in a few cities around the world. (psst !.. you can get a free copy here:

It's not the final mix, but close enough for free ! ) Did a few local tv shows, saw some movies, updated my mac software a few times, had a death in the family, took a mini-vacation and I'm basically enjoing the summer at a some what normal pace. Like I said, I'll blog all the filthy dish about the party move later on.

Oh yeah, I got my stuff, FINALLY into iTunes music store as well as MSN, Yahoo Music and some 34 other online download stores and University campuses ! Thank you !!

I also couldn't legally say anything until we filed this lawsuit..... I have a $1,000,000 (ie: 1 Millon Dollar) lawsuit against Unidisc Records from Canada for TOTALLY ripping me off all these years ( I need to blog that too..urgh ! ) They "claim" to outright own all my stuff for the past 20 years !!! So, we filed with The New York State Supreme Court to sue their asses ! The case "depositions" are coming up in a month or so. That's where we "officially" state our case in front of the lawyers, and they get to ask questions to defend their client, etc.. I have some really great lawyers (finally) I'll keep ya posted.

Hey, I think I should get paid for the hard work I've done, instead of someone else ripping me off and keeping ALL the money, don't you ?

Thanx soooo much for reading this stuff !!


-Man Parrish