Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tuesday 10:52 Am


Well it's just about December 1st 2006 and all good things must come to an end..[sniffle]. We're closing down our WEEKLY Sunday night party at Mr. Black Club in NYC. BUT... ! We're moving to an earlier format after the New Year. Once or twice monthly Sunday "Tea-Dance". Which will happen between 6pm and Mid, giving all of those people that work that next day, a great "Happy Hour" type of situation, and last chance to get waisted before work the next day ! .. lol !

Rumor also has it that my infamous Sperm Party MAY return to it's original home [The Cock Bar in NYC] starting in Feb 07. "Sperm Re-Loaded"? If you want to keep up with what's happening on the parties, go to SPERMNYC.com and join the email list. We'll keep you posted !

Now I'm getting ready to produce the Mr. Black Club [NYC] New Years Blow Out ! It's gonna be a good one !
Oh yeah... Speaking of producing, I'm working some tracks for PEYTON on the UK... Whadda voice !

Kisses and Luv..

-Man Parrish

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The NEW Black is Mr. Black !

Saturday 10:56 PM

Well we're just about settled in to our new home at what several publications in NYC are calling "The Hottest New Club In NYC".. Mr. Black. It's a great basement location on Broadway and Bleecker Street, downtown Manhattan.

Check out the website and photos here: http://www.basementnyc.com.

I'm doing sundays [The Bad Boy Club] and it's a pure dream to finally have 10,000 watts of power under my fingertips to dj with ! The sound system fuckin rox ! We're doing every Sunday from 11pm until 5-6 am. We have a cabaret license, so we can stay open past 4am.

I'm still doing the infamous Sperm Parties, but they are now reserved for special events, 3-day weekends and holidays. The Bad Boy Club is kind of like the the "next generation" after the Sperm Parties. It still has my custom digital lighting and my favorite lasers, but we've left out the decor for a really great sound system and dance floor.

Still the same insanity and madness, but this time in a beautiful venue ! Drink prices are reasonable too, as well as a cute crowd. Stop in, say "hi" and get trashed and stay late ... I PROMISE to dj my ass off and keep you out WAY past your bedtime.



Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winter 2006

3:55 PM


It's been months since I "blogged"... Things are changin and that's good ! The weekly insane SPERM parties are now "at large", which means the party is now free to travel, re-locate and appear worldwide (email me if you want booking info). That means bigger and better ! If you follow my DJ-ing and Parties, follow the link for the eList and sign up. It's no spam, and will get you reduced admissions and private locations !

Being free from the weekly party grind (7 years) may now give me time to get back to dabbling with some music. We'll see.. I'm thinking of putting up a "demo" area with stuff that is unreleased or unfinished. I also have some rare footage of a show I did in Boston @ Club Spit (1984). I'm getting the hang of Fincal Cut Pro, so hopefully that will get done as well.

People always ask me about DJ Bookings. If you're seriously interested, just drop me a note via email, and let me know some details and a contact number. As soon as I get the email, I usually respond. (I don't bite).

Hope all is well, the lawsuit for my royalties and publishing is still continuing, and will probably take a few years. I'll keep ya posted !

-Man Parrish

Saturday, July 16, 2005


10:40 AM

I've been away from the blog because so much shit is going on right now ! I'm just nuts with work ! I'll do a detailed blog as soon as stuff quiets down. In a nutshell... My Sunday Party has left the infamous CockBar in NYC and then moved to Club Opaline down the block. Opaline lost it's lease 3 weeks later and now we're at the Boys Room on Ave A & 1st Street. URGH !! Moving again sux, BUT The Boys Room Bar is WAY more suited for our party anyway (2 floors) I'll blog all the dishy details of the move later on.

Other than that...hmmm let's see. The Klaus Nomi DVD had some great promotional parties and events I had to attend. The Klaus re-mix I did is charting in a few cities around the world. (psst !.. you can get a free copy here:


It's not the final mix, but close enough for free ! ) Did a few local tv shows, saw some movies, updated my mac software a few times, had a death in the family, took a mini-vacation and I'm basically enjoing the summer at a some what normal pace. Like I said, I'll blog all the filthy dish about the party move later on.

Oh yeah, I got my stuff, FINALLY into iTunes music store as well as MSN, Yahoo Music and some 34 other online download stores and University campuses ! Thank you www.cdbaby.com !!

I also couldn't legally say anything until we filed this lawsuit..... I have a $1,000,000 (ie: 1 Millon Dollar) lawsuit against Unidisc Records from Canada for TOTALLY ripping me off all these years ( I need to blog that too..urgh ! ) They "claim" to outright own all my stuff for the past 20 years !!! So, we filed with The New York State Supreme Court to sue their asses ! The case "depositions" are coming up in a month or so. That's where we "officially" state our case in front of the lawyers, and they get to ask questions to defend their client, etc.. I have some really great lawyers (finally) I'll keep ya posted.

Hey, I think I should get paid for the hard work I've done, instead of someone else ripping me off and keeping ALL the money, don't you ?

Thanx soooo much for reading this stuff !!


-Man Parrish

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I have some stuff posted on www.cdbaby.com. They also allow people to also add their own reviews. Thanx guys for the great personal reviews !!

Man Parrish Album (1983):

4 Stars ! / Utterly amazing.
Reviewer: Copelinn from http://www.thenewdigitalsound.org

It astounds me just how much Man Parrish has actually brought to what has become the modern electronic scene. Not only is he a rather huge influence on me, but you can hear traces of him everywhere from The Chemical Brothers to Moby and on to artists like Underworld or Hybrid...The list is just endless. This man has pretty much given everyone the building blocks from which to work from, myself included. Much love, much respect.

4 Stars! / 1983 Old School Electronic Album Classic and a MUST have for any collection !
Reviewer: Ralph Dawg from London http://www.ralphdawg.com

This album is considered one of the first all electronic urban / club albums. Man Parrish's ground breaking synth influence can be heard in all forms of music today. This 1983 album is considered an urban dance classic and is a must have for any serious listener. It's not just fancy synth sounds, but great songs with an innocent, but classic style. Man Parrish is considered by many to be the originator of the words Hip Hop as quoted from the original title track. This album is great.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Every once in a while I get some great email.
I thought I'd share this little quote from an email I just got:


So are you Man Parrish, one person, responsible for "Male Stripper"?

My mom bought the vinyl single back in London, I guess in 1986.
She played it all the time telling my sister and I (ages 12 and 9 then), not to listen to the words.

"Don't listen to the words, girls!"

Anyway, excellent song, I can't wait to download it and play it!
I might even listen to the words...!


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

1983 Live Show Footage


Whadda day today! Australia interview, Joe Gage, now this!

Thomas De Pascale video taped my live show, back in 1983 at "9 LANGSDOWN" Club (next to Club Spit) in Boston. He contacted me today to say hi & let me know that he still has the footage. I don't have any pictures, footage or record of my live shows. Apparently this is the only existing record/footage. He's going to transfer it from 3/4 inch video to DVD so I can have a look at it. If it's in good shape, hopefully we can get it out for all to see! As things develop, I'll update you..

Joe Gage


As some of you may know, I started my music career doing soundtracks for adult films. The most known was Heatstroke, by Joe Gage. It made it as a track of the same title, on my first album.

It's been over 25 years since I've spoken to him.
We emailed each other today and he asked if I would be interested in working with him again for a film he's doing for Titan Media. I'll keep ya posted on the outcome !

Be Bop Rock / Australia Interview


Tues I'm doing a phone interview for Australia National Radio. Eric Langston is doing a show on the history of Hip Hop. I'm glad he contacted me, we had a great international phone chat the other day, can't wait for the interview ! Hopefully I'll get a copy of the audio interview to post for you to hear...

Eric had a RARE copy of Hip Hop Be Bop with a rap added to it. It was released a few months after Hip Hop Be Bop and only pressed a few hundred copies. It was called Be Bop Rock. Here's a hidden link for you to hear it. Just copy/paste this link into your browser !


Monday, March 21, 2005

Klaus Nomi Remix

2:46 Pm

I just got off the phone with Sal from Palm Pictures. (Nomi Movie Company). Looks like my "Total Eclipse" Klaus Nomi Remix will see the light of day ! This is the first Klaus record release in almost 20 years, and I'm glad to be a part of it. It will also be included as bonus material on the upcomng DVD release "The Nomi Song" movie. If you want to hear a test mix, click "Man Parrish Home" in the right side column of this page, and go to my UPDATES area. There's a link there to listen to the test mix. Enjoy !



1:47 PM

Hey !

I'll try to keep these entries short & sweet (famous last words). I'm not the silent type, so sit back and enjoy the view from in here... Feel free to reply (please enclose the blog entry, so I know what the f*ck you're talking about.) If it's good, I'll even publish it. I'll also post cool emails that I get.. And general stuff that's happening around me...

Thanx for your interest !

-Man Parrish